Thursday, May 5, 2016


Phở Introduction

If you'd like to know how Phở was made. This video from Chef Luke Nguyen is best resembled. Notice how they char grill the ginger, shallot, and spices.  If you don't grill them, you can't get that Phở flavor.

Phở noodle is flat, soft, and  has a bit of chewiness. Before, people tried it with regular noodle, but it was not working out. I  personally like the narrower noodle since the fat one is softer to my liking.

Phở soup is made mainly from beef knuckle bone (Beef version). You can also use the tail bone and eat the meat afterward.

The basic ingredient to add flavor to Phở stock is: 
If you can grill these, it would be much better than pan-grill. Anyway, try to bring the fragrant out but don't burn the spices. You can burn the ginger, shallot, onion and scrape off the blackened part.
- Grill ginger
- Grill Shallot
- Grill Onion

Basic Spices:
- Star Anis (Đại Hồi)
- Cinnamon (Quế) (The American Cinnamon is very strong and surely have a different fragrent.)
- Fennel Seeds (Tiểu Hồi)
- Coriander Seeds (Hột Ngò)
- Clove (Đinh Hương)
- Black Cardamon (Thảo Quả)

For Spices, each person has a unique combination that they prefer. I like more Coriander and Star Anise, while other may choose to have less Coriander seeds. Which mean, you can play around with it. Make your own and test it time after time. It's all in your hands!!!

Shallot. Ginger. Onion. Star Anise. Black Cardamon. Cinnamon

This is the Cinnamon I prefer
Clove | Đinh Hương
Fennel Seeds | Tiểu Hồi
Coriander Seeds | Hột Ngò

Basic Ingredients:
- Beef Knuckle Bone or Ox Tail
- Rock Sugar (This type of sugar is enlightening the stock. We like to use this for noodle soup stock.)
- Good fish sauce (watch video below)

- Thinly sliced Onion, green onion, jalapeno (not traditional but beautifully cooperate)
- Sliced of Lime wedge
- Cilantro
- Culantro (Ngò Gai)

If chicken Phở is chosen, add some cilantro roots to the chicken stock and use free range chicken. 

I will talk about cheat cheat version next time. Now check out the video below just to learn more about Phở. I think it is very helpful.

Will be continue. . .